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Endometriosis affects 1 in 9 women, girls and those who are assigned female at birth - that's 830,000 Australians. They call themselves, EndoWarriors.

Buy purchasing a membership today, your generous donations will go towards our research grants program and education materials for patients and health care providers. 

The principal symptoms of endometriosis are chronic, severe and often debilitating pain, general ill health and infertility. Whilst it most often affects the reproductive organs, endometriosis is frequently found in the bowel and bladder, and has also been found in muscle, joints, the lungs, nose, spine and even the brain. 

Our communication aim is to engage and consult patients and health care providers; to allow them to discuss their issues and ask questions in a safe, respectful, secure environment and to respond with accurate, evidence-based expert information. 

Whilst a benign disease, its impact on health and diminished quality of life has been estimated cost the Australian economy $9.7 billion annually.

Your support will significantly help EndoWarriors to live in hope for a cure to End Endo!

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